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:: Breast Care Cream :: Breast Care Cream Collection :: Anti Cellulite Cream 

This breast care cream will give your breast an additional volume of 25% to 30% and return firmness.


Contents: 100 ml

Nanosomes of Pueraria Murifica are the essential micro-capsules which will carry the nutrients towards the breast lobules increasing their volume.

It is recommended to buy our Calcium Magnesium Zinc with Breast Care Cream for better results.

Contents: Kit of 1 Breast Care Cream 100ml and 1 Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc 100 tablets


Composed with ivy, marine algae, and plant complexes is the solution to reduce cellulite.


Contents: 215 g

This unique blend of ingredients stimulates oxygen consumption by the skin causing firmness and therefore reducing cellulite appearance.


:: Anti Stretch Mark Cream :: AmanaCare Reducing Gel  


Our AmanaCare Anti Stretch Mark Cream will provide the skin with several natural ingredients including Algimsium C which is a natural moisturizer and anti-aging agent.


Contents: 100 g

Ginseng extract promotes youthful skin with a toned look and marigold extract which helps soften and hydrate the skin leaving a smooth healthy appearance.

This unique natural formulated gel with marine algae and plant mineral extracts eliminates stored fat and toxins under the skin.


Contents: 290 g

Reduces localized fat deposits by encouraging the skin to liberate fat and facilitate its circulation so that it is burned off. Recommend using with AmanaCare Body Firming Cream


:: Body Firming Cream

:: AmanaCare Anti Hair Growth   

AmanaCare body firming cream is specially formulated from protein collagen in order to give you healthy firm skin.

Contents: 215 g

Elastin returns elasticity to skin cells enabling a higher resistance level against internal and external damaging agents, it also firms and hydrates skin cells while acting as an anti-aging agent.

This cream will slow unwanted hair growth, prevent ingrown hair and reduce the discomfort of hair removal.


Contents: 215 g

Palmatina lines the wall of the hair follicle and neutralizes its ability to regenerate, stopping hair growth at the root.

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