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:: AmanaCalm :: AmanaCrusher :: Natural Amino1000

AmanaCalm is made with valerian and is a remedy for insomnia, nervous conditions related to anxiety, tension, and stress. It is a nerve tonic for people who suffer from nervous exhaustion, panic attacks, anxiety  and emotional disturbances.


Contents: 100 tablets

It serves as a pain-relieving agent for conditions such as tension-

AmanaCrusher promotes healthy kidneys and gallbladder. Helps people with kidney problems and breaks up kidney stones and gall bladder stones and may be used in maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

Contents: 100 tablets
It is also employed for colic, diabetes, dysentery, fever, flu, tumors, and dyspepsia.

Natural Amino 1000 AmanaCare offers 1000mg of amino acids in the form of peptides. Amino acids are involved in protein synthesis and in maintaining nitrogen balance in the body.Also included is Lecithin, which may help the body to emulsify fat. Contents: 100 tablets
Assists in the development of muscle mass and it is a very powerful addition
for body building programs.

related headaches, nerve pain, and

 menstrual cramps. Valerian can help to prevent or treat high blood pressure, constipation, indigestion and stomach cramps due to excesive nervous tension. Do not drive or operate machinery if you have taken AmanaCalm. Persons taking antidepressants should ask health care professional before taking AmanaCalm. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

:: Calcium - Magnesium - Zinc :: Extra Borojo Tablets

Tablets rich in calcium, magnesium and zinc which are necessary nutrients to build strong bones, teeth and skin tissue.


Contents: 100 tablets
These tablets also assist in nerve, muscle, and metabolic functions. Zinc also participates in antioxidant processes.

Extra Borojo is a tropical fruit with amazing and numerous healing benefits from the Colombian Amazon and Pacific Coast of Colombia. Some of its amazing benefits are to help people with diabetes, lower cholesterol and helps the ovulation process. Prepared with Borojo fruit kind #1.

Contents: 100 tablets x 500mg


Helps prevent symptoms of

:: Century Senior :: Colon Detox  

diabetes. Lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Normalizes blood pressure and enhances the immune system in fighting diseases. Helps prevent lung inflammation and allergies (asthma). Reduces risk of developing sterility, varicose veins, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Restores a stronger and healthier sex life. Stops hair loss. Gives energy to the body relieving stress and depression. Extra Borojo is prohibited for people who have kidney problems or high ratio of Uric Acid.


This product contains multivitamin and multimineral supplements for adults 45+.


Contents: 100 tablets
Vitamin K- For good blood circulation preventing blood clotting. Phosphorus – Helps increase calcium absorption. Beta Carotene - An antioxidant form of vitamin A. Vitamin B6 - Helps convert food to energy. Vitamin B12 - Helps maintain heart health. Calcium- Maintains healthy bones. Chromium – Assists your body in metabolizing sugars. Vitamin E - Protects against cell damage.

You can benefit from our Colon Detox Cleaner AmanaCare which will clean your intestines and colon from wastes and toxins.

Contents: 100 capsules
A good source of natural fibers (soluble and insoluble fibers) necessary for the cleansing of intestines and colon.


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