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:: Herbal Anti Dandruff :: Amana Man Gel :: Amana Salve

Strengthens hair roots and ensures healthy scalp, gentle on hair, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.


Contents: 300 ml

Contains selection of herbs with proven anti-dandruff action and helps relieve scalp itching.

Amana Men Gel will help increase sexual function and erectile capacity due to it’s’ composition with butea superba.


Contents: 100 g

Amana Men Gel moisturizes the genital area and also contains natural flavonoids and flavonid glycosine with high genital vasodilating effects producing nitric oxide which promotes sexual function, sensitivity and performance.

Amana Salve is a very pure and natural cream effective in quickly reducing pain, swelling and discomfort of hemorrhoids enabling a quick healing process.


Contents: 75 ml  

Herbal extracts such as Nigella Sativa and Citrus help eliminate internal or external hemorrhoids.


:: Antivitiligo :: Psoriasis Soap :: Dry SkinCream for Psoriasis

Vitiligo is a disorder in the skin which destroys the cells that produce the body's pigment. AmanaCare’s new herbal formula rich in herb extracts result in a very effective product to fight this disease.


Contents: 250 g

Anti-Vitiligo Oil Amanacare will decrease vitiligo gradually helping skin color return to normal with approximately six months of use. It is 98% effective.

A perfect and amazing antimicrobial soap which contains aloe vera, neem, basil and curcuma to protect and moisturize the skin. It eliminates skin inflammation.

Contents: 120 ml
Unique formula that treats skin diseases, inflammations. Acts as an insect repellent and anti-itch remedy.

Natural herbal cream specific for treating and reducing psoriasis wherever it is. This herbal cream consisting of nigella sativa citrus limonum and other ingredients will eliminate inflammation of the skin and reduce psoriasis.


Contents: 150 g
Recommend using with AmanaCare Vitamin E and Omega - 3 AmanaCare for better results.

:: Dry Skin Kit :: Slim Tea AmanaCare :: Pilatory Collection  for Males

It is recommended to use these 3 products: Dry Red Skin + Liquid Soap + Pure Oceans as one kit.


Contents: Kit 1 Dry Red Skin Cream 150gr,

1 Psoriasis Liquid Soap 120ml, 1 Pure Oceans 90 softgels


The superior tea leaves for this special blend when used in conjunction with a balanced diet, help to emulsify fats in the digestive tract aiding digestion.


Contents: 20 envelopes

The natural essential oils in the tea leaves help increase metabolism to improve digestion allowing the body to relax after meals.


 These 2 products combined are an effective way to treat and prevent hair-loss and alopecia.


Contents: 1 jar of 90 capsules and 3 sprays of 60ml.

The Pilatory Herbal Capsule with fructus mori promotes and restores hair growth. The Pilatory Spray with Chinese herbal plants helps to open pores and encourage new hair growth. Eliminates white hair, and hair loss caused by weakness and damage of liver and kidneys, deficiency of blood circulation, and thus promotes new hair growth.


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Bassel Dhaini